What vitamins and minerals help a penis to perform?

What vitamins and minerals help a penis to perform?

If you are a man who cares about your health, you probably know that erectile dysfunction can be also connected with low levels of some nutrients. So eating habits do matter here! Let’s look through the main vitamins and products, which are necessary for a man’s body to operate in accordance with the particular circumstances.


It is known as a sunshine vitamin and there is no enough of it in the food we usually consume. Lacking of it may lead to ED and this fact is proved by researches. More than a hundred men with some problems with erection were tested and it was determined that almost half of them suffered from deficient in D. The optimal level is 30 ng/mL. The more severe cases of ED, the less quantity of vitamin D a man gets. It occurs because insufficient levels of vitamin D may stimulate production of free radicals known as superoxide ions, which drain the supply of nitric oxide in a body. While nitic oxide provides a man with properly functioning of blood vessels and as a result with a blood flow into a penis. To be specific nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels causing increase of the blood flow and an erection after a man is sexually stimulated. If there is not enough amount of nitric acid, the blood vessels cannot relax to provide a free blood flow needed for an erection. To replenish supplies of vitamin D, a man can take supplements prescribed by a doctor.

The man also should consume vitamin E in necessary amounts. This vitamin does not allow testosterone breaking down. It can be founded in seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables or in correspondent supplements. The norm is 100 IU a day. Do not exceed it or you risk to raise blood pressure.

Fruits and vegetables

Celery is able to help your erection as far as it contains the potent male hormone – androsterone, which is released through perspiration of this vegetable. Besides, it is able to boost a man’s drive being one of the best foods for sex.

Remember that zinc takes an active part in sexual health in general and in particular in fertility and sex drive allowing the heavy lifting. It influences on sperm production. So, watch the level of zinc in your organism. It is easy to get it from food like beef without fat, oysters, turkey and beans.

When a man consumes whole grains, nuts and seeds, he helps his prostate to provide erection as far as it consists of such helpful components as oils and plant hormones. If a patient suffers from prostatitis, an inflammation of the gland, he can even treat this disease with the mentioned foods. Also pumpkin seeds, soy products and Chinese cabbage should be used.


Your morning cup of coffee is a good start of a day as far as this beverage might turn you on. And this effect is equal both for men and women, which are more sexually active with a couple cups of coffee daily. But here one should be careful to escape problems with cardio.


All products made of oats are considered cholesterol-lowering foods, which clean your arteries including those delivering blood to a penis and making it erect. You can eat oat bran and oatmeal and improve your hydraulics and prevent arteries in a penis from getting clogged and becoming unable to hold blood. At the same time this is the right decision to avoid cholesterol-raisers, among which there are red meat and fried foods.

Calcium deficit

Calcium is needed not only to build the bones but also to build the muscles. Thus, this element is responsible for fireworks! As far as orgasm is controlled by muscles, which need calcium to spasm and contract. To get calcium you should take fish, dairy products, and green vegetables.

You can think over you menu or even turn to a specialist in this area who will help you to develop it. Some food should be taken right before you are going to perform, while other products should be taken regularly.