Vitamins and minerals for your health

Vitamins and minerals are special substances, that support metabolism process. They are necessary for normal body functioning and good health. Human body doesn`t synthesize vitamins by itself, but must receive them in finished form. With exception of fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E, body isn`t able to “store” vitamins for future and should receive them regularly in full set and quantities, that provide daily physiological need.

Surveys of population in our republic indicate wide distribution of vitamin deficiency hidden forms, so-called hypovitaminosis.

It is known, that vitamin deficiency:

  • Affects not only one vitamin, but has combined deficiency character.
  • Found in population not only in winter and spring, but also in summer-autumn period.
  • In some children, pregnant and lactating women, multivitamin deficiency is combined with iron deficiency.
  • In some cases, combined with iodine, selenium, calcium, fluorine and other macro-and micronutrients insufficient intake.
  • Setected in almost all age and occupational groups of population.
  • Is detrimental to health: adversely affects children growth and development, reduces working efficiency, resistance to diseases, increases the negative impact on body of adverse environmental conditions.
  • Aggravated by antibiotic therapy, dietary restrictions, surgical interventions, nervous tension and stress.
  • Violates metabolism, aggravates course of diseases, prevents their successful treatment.

Why is it not always possible to get necessary amount of vitamins and minerals with food?

Over past decades, as a result of technical revolution and major social changes, average energy consumption of person has decreased in 2-2.5 times. Food consumption has decreased as much, or at least, otherwise obesity threat, diabetes, hypertension, etc. appears. But food isn`t only energy source, but also vitamins source and trace elements. And, by reducing total amount of food consumed, we condemn ourselves to vitamin hunger.

Who, when and how to take vitamins?

Regular intake of multivitamin preparations, vitamin and mineral complexes is useful for every person. But especially they are necessary if:

  • You work a lot.
  • You are subjected to neuro-psychological stress.
  • Eat irregularly.
  • Follow low-calorie diet.
  • Smoke.
  • Do sports and tourism.
  • In old age.
  • Student.
  • Suffer from chronic illnesses.

Most effective vitamins and minerals

They can be presented as following:

  • Vitamin C. It increases body’s resistance to infections, reduces permeability of vascular wall, supports health of connective tissue, participating in synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • Vitamin E. It is involved in processes of tissue respiration, metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates.
  • ß-carotene (provitamin A). Protects body from aging processes and some chronic diseases. Turning into vitamin A, participates in process of perception by eye of light, important for growth of body and healthy skin.
  • It is involved in formation of thyroid hormones, which determine brain development and intelligence; regulate protein synthesis, decomposition of cholesterol and fat; affect immune and nervous system, heart activity.
  • Main part of it accounts for hemoglobin in body. Iron deficiency in body arises due to increased demand during period of growth and maturation, with chronic blood loss, decreased iron absorption in diseases of gastrointestinal tract and is manifested by iron deficiency anemia.
  • It protects cell membranes, participates in exchange of nucleic acids, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, in immune response, endocrine regulation.
  • Selenium – slows aging process, helps delay viruses spread in body, is an anticarcinogenic factor.

So, don`t forget to add vitamin D and other minerals to your daily menu to feel healthy and to be in good mood.