Men’s Health And Potency After 50 Years Of Age

Despite the fact that men are traditionally considered strong sex, some medical facts prove the opposite. According to modern data, the male sex is inferior to the female one both in terms of duration and quality of life. Among men, pathology of heart and blood vessels, as well as cancer are much more common. Another topical and exclusively male medical problem is erectile dysfunction that occurs for many physiological and pathological reasons.

Decrease in potency in men is mainly due to the wrong lifestyle

Features of potency of men over 50 years

Every man who has reached the age of 45-50 should take more careful care of his reproductive health, as its deterioration affects not only sexual life, but also threatens to develop serious diseases.

The male reproductive system is a rather complex mechanism, which involves the small pelvis organs, nerve plexuses, arterial and venous vessels, endocrine glands. Therefore, “failure” of at least one link leads to dysfunction of the entire system.

Pathology of one organ leads to imbalance of the whole system

With age, the vascular walls become less elastic, the rate of nerve impulses along myelin fibers slows down, and the work of the inner secretion glands is somewhat impaired, which also affects potency and erection in men. In addition, a term such as age-related androgenic deficit (ADD), or “andropause” has appeared in the literature.

Testosterone, being a sex hormone, determines the functional state of virtually all organs and systems in the male body. Its normal concentration protects the man from the development of a large number of age-related diseases. Thus, androgenic deficiency provokes the appearance of somatic pathology, including in the reproductive system. Chronic diseases exacerbate the course of VAD, thus creating a vicious circle.

Characteristics of chronic diseases that impair erectile function

Ageing, bad habits, irrational nutrition, occupational hazards, and, of course, genetic predisposition – all this provokes the development of chronic somatic pathology with age.

The most common diseases and conditions that occur in men and negatively affect their potency:

  • hypertensive disease;
  • peripheral atherosclerosis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • chronic stress;
  • prostate gland pathology;
  • venereal diseases;
  • bad habits.
  • Hypertensive disease

Essential arterial hypertension is one of the most common diseases among the male population, which not only deteriorates the quality of life, but also rarely causes death (hemorrhagic stroke, myocardial infarction). The pathogenesis of the disease is based on a steady increase in the figures of system pressure above standardized norms, depending on the age and sex of the patient.

Arterial hypertension adversely affects the lost elasticity of blood vessels

In case of arterial hypertension there is a heavy load on the heart and vessels, which over time lose their elasticity, thinning, in weaker places aneurysms and cholesterol plaques are formed. As you know, an erection is achieved through good filling of the vessels of cave bodies of the penis under the influence of nerve impulses. Consequently, the vessels, devoid of elasticity, lose their extensibility and are filled with blood much worse, which leads to the development of erectile dysfunction. Here come to the aid such products as Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra Jelly. In the UK, Kamagra 100mg is quite popular. Read more about Kamagra at KamagraJellyUK website.

If a man has not managed to normalize blood pressure with proper nutrition, the refusal of bad habits and modification of physical activity, he must be prescribed antihypertensive drugs, which can also adversely affect the potency.


High level of cholesterol in peripheral blood traumatizes vascular intimacy and leads to imbalance between low and high density lipoproteins. As a result, cholesterol gradually accumulates in the endothelium of the artery, forming a plaque covered with fibrous tissue. Protrusion on the inner wall of the vessel creates a turbulent blood flow in this place, which provokes the formation of blood clots and ulcers on the plaque, which may later tear off and cause life-threatening complications.

Vessels of the penis also become coarse, blood circulation deteriorates, there are problems with potency.

The same changes occur with the arteries of the penis, resulting in rough, narrowed and covered with small atherosclerotic plaques. Accordingly, the blood filling of cave bodies significantly deteriorates, creating great difficulties with erections.

Diabetes mellitus type 2

In most cases, diabetes mellitus of the second type (insulin-independent) is the fate of elderly or obese people. That is why it is so common in men over 50 years of age and have problems with overweight.

High levels of glucose in peripheral blood depress immune function, disrupt the work of many organs, exacerbate the course of other background pathology, if present, and also damage the internal vascular wall, triggering the processes of glycosylation.

The whole range of problems in diabetes mellitus affects the reproductive system.

In most cases, diabetes of the second type is usually considered within the framework of metabolic syndrome, when there is impaired tolerance to glucose, arterial hypertension, high cholesterol in peripheral blood and obesity of the central type. The combination of these symptoms significantly impairs the male reproductive system due to vascular lesions and neuroendocrine regulation disorders.

Chronic stress

Chronic stress is one of the reasons for the decrease in potency

Psychological impotence is a rather common reason for the failure of sexual life in men who have crossed the middle age threshold. Frequent stressful situations in the family or emotional tension at work, fear of future retirement age – have a negative impact on the mental and somatic health of men.

In addition to the lack of sexual desire at the psychological level, stressful situations are accompanied by a massive release of catecholamines into the blood (noradrenaline and adrenaline), which cause a strong contraction of large and small vessels, including in the male reproductive organ.

Normalization of relationships at work and at home, the search for an interesting hobby – will help improve the psycho-emotional state of a man and his sexual life.

Prostatitis and STDs

Lack of proper knowledge or just unwillingness to use contraception, conducting promiscuous sexual life not infrequently leads to sexually transmitted diseases, which have a tendency to the latent current. Most men ignore the occasional itching, discharge, erection problems and very rarely seek medical attention. Meanwhile, the progressing inflammation affects the urinary tract and spreads higher – to the prostate gland.

Men over 50 should undergo an annual check-up with a urologist.

Healthy prostate is the key to a long and good sex life. However, physiological changes in the organ, as well as long-term untreated inflammation, lead to prostate dysfunction and, consequently, erection disorders.

Therefore, it is important for every man to use contraception, if necessary, to go to the doctor in time for help, and after reaching the age of 45 years – it is obligatory to undergo a prophylactic examination annually, including palpation of the prostate and taking a blood test for the level of prostate specific hormone.

Bad habits

Prolonged and vicious smoking, frequent consumption of alcohol impairs the nervous system, heart, liver, leads to atherosclerotic vascular lesions and increases the risk of cancer (for men – lung, prostate and stomach cancer).

Nicotine resins and ethanol – a kind of delayed action poison for the human body, triggering irreversible processes. It has been proved that men who smoke and drink have problems not only with the cardiovascular system, but also with potency.

Useful tips

Prevention or timely initiation of treatment of the disease significantly improves the prognosis and minimizes the development of complications.

Thus, men over 50 years are recommended:

  • Quit smoking and frequent alcohol consumption.
  • To modify your lifestyle, namely to introduce in the daily routine dosed physical activity, to normalize and diversify the food diet, excluding fat, spicy, smoked and flour.
  • Find an interesting and fascinating hobby.
  • Regularly undergo all necessary preventive medical examinations, and in the presence of chronic pathology – take the prescribed therapy.
  • After consulting with a doctor to begin prevention of vascular pathology. It is proved that the course regular use of such drugs and dietary supplements as omega-3 saturated acids, vitamin E, fish oil improves the heart and protects the blood vessels, strengthening their wall.

Alcohol and smoking have a negative impact on potency

WHO believes that human health depends on environmental conditions by 20%, only 10% – on the development of medicine in the country, and 70% – on lifestyle. Therefore, most men are able to “take control” and with the help of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition to stay active for many years, including sexual.