How To Take Care Of Your Skin And Hair In Winter: 10 Recommendations

In cold season, when wind blows in your face outside, your lips crack in cold, and your hair dries up, it’s time to take care of your skin and hair, picking up special care. We will give 10 simple but effective tips on caring for yourself in the cold.

When temperature outside window drops, sebaceous glands begin to work less actively, namely, they produce an oily film that protects our skin from external influences.

Due to absence of such film, our skin dries out, becomes more vulnerable to external stimuli. Therefore it`s important to use extra care. We will tell what exactly should be paid attention.

Use nutrients

In cold weather, it`s important to use not only moisturizers, but also nourishing products for face. It`s desirable that they contain urea, evening primrose oil or shea butter.

Make masks and use serums

If you are constantly haunted by feeling of tightness of skin, additionally apply concentrated moisturizing serum under cream. You can also do moisturizing masks twice a week.

Get to know enzyme peels

Winter is great time for peels. To make skin tone more even, get rid of age spots and generally refresh it, go through course of peeling from cosmetologist or use home remedies for it.

Protect your skin from the sun

Many people think that protecting skin from negative effects of sun is necessary only in summer, but this is not so. In winter, you need to use skin products with protection factor of SPF15 or 30.

Don`t forget about skin of body

Especially noticeably, skin dries out on elbows and legs, it itches, it can even peel off. These places need to be greased with fat cream with lipids or with panthenol.

Smear your hands

In cold, skin of hands suffers greatly; it dries out, cracks, becomes inflamed and begins to ache.

To moisturize it and improve its condition, you need to smear your hands with cream as often as possible, it is especially important to do it after washing with soap.

Use lip balm

Skin on lips is very thin, it should also be protected from cold and drying by regularly smearing lip balm.

Take care of your skin, take bath and shower

Don`t take too often and take long bath or shower, as well as wash in hot water, as this breaks down protective barrier of skin, because of what it becomes vulnerable. To avoid drying out, you should use moisturizing lotion or oil after shower and bath.

Treat your hair

In winter, your hair is very dry from cold air outside and too dry due to heating of house. Therefore, in cold weather, they need to be fed with masks, which should be done once or twice a week.

Don`t forget about tips of your hair

Drying up, your hair splits stronger, broken ends can be “glued together” with help of special silicone-based products

If situation is deplorable, only visit to hairdresser will help. But the best fight is prevention, so don`t let it dry out, providing proper care for your hair.