Are you getting enough of vitamin D?

vitamin DStop warring and start learning the information about erectile dysfunction. Do you know that loss of sexual vigor is not always diagnosis but it can be the consequences of different health grounds without any references to genital system? So, buy Viagra online here, while you are coping with this, and provide insight into how some factors influence the potency.

New findings as to reason for ED

The reputable resource supplies evidence that Vitamin D deficiency can be a reason for erectile dysfunction. The researches show the stunning result insisting that the lack of sunshine vitamin can cause such unpleasant deviation. More than 3,400 men at the age of 20 and older were investigated. 30% of them have a low level of vitamin D in blood even below 20 nanograms per milliliter. And more than half of that number of patients suffers erectile dysfunction. Is it just a coincidence? Anyway it is simple to control Vitamin D and to increase its level by changing lifestyle. The men should start working out, taking the healthy meal, vitamin supplementation and mild exposure to sunlight.

Of course there are other reasons for erectile dysfunction, like alcohol overuse, smoking, a range of diseases including diabetes and intake of medications of particular kind. But the researchers offer new factor without proving cause and effect, just as the result of investigation, which should be developed further on to find out if there is an obvious connection between vitamin D deficiency and erectile dysfunction. Thus, it will be easy to escape ED risk by correcting deficiency. And that is the important issue. Is it possible not only to prevent the impotence sustaining the needed level of vitamin but also to restore erectile function taking vitamin D?

Still you should not forget about the efficient and time-proved remedies, which can be used until the answer to this question is found – if they are more expensive compared to vitamin D, buy ED pills like cialis (click here) giving preference to the cheaper generic analogues.

News surrounding vitamin D

vitaminsPerhaps you have heard that without enough quantity of vitamin D in our organism, dietary calcium cannot be absorbed. And in its turn calcium is needed to develop bones and tooth and even more – it is involved in the process of signaling between brain cells. The low vitamin D levels in the body leads to fast loss of muscle strength, decrease in immunity, increase in blood pressure, and even development of neurological disorders and diabetes, which by the way influences the erectile function directly.

Vitamin D is not biologically active and should be produced in the body so that it could be efficient. Natural sunlight forces the vitamin D metabolism in the organism converting other available elements into it. It seems that in order to solve all the above problems one should spend more time in the sun or at least take correspondent supplements. But it is not enough. Vitamin D can be ruined with age and reduced by high fat levels. It occurs to be trapped in body fat that is why a man should get rid of excess weight. Besides, when we apply a sunscreen with a SPF of different level even the easiest one, the amount of Vitamin D produced in the body decreases up to 90 %. What about other sources, food, for example? It is really rare. You can find it in mushrooms, liver, fish and eggs but in so small amounts, which cannot be taken into consideration. Try cod liver, but still it is impossible to get Vitamin D from food. It remains the sunshine product.

So as it is clear Vitamin D has vital functions including promotion of calcium homeostasis, providing of bone health and modulating of immune responses. This important element could influence the reproductive male and its deficiency could be a reason of erectile dysfunction. There is no reason to postpone the intake of vitamin D supplementation still remembering about adverse effects. If during several months a man takes high daily doses of it increasing about 50 or more times the recommended daily allowance, he can suffer toxicity because the blood becomes full of calcium deposited in various parts of body like lungs, kidneys, heart resulting their failure. Among early symptoms of overdose there are weakness, loss of appetite with following vomiting, thirst and