Is Dental health the key to male sexuality?

 Dental health

The “Sexual Medicine” has shocked its readers by publishing sensational results of a recent study. A survey conducted by Chinese researchers showed that gum infections may lead to erectile dysfunction. Now you know, why many famous actors really fond of acting in a toothpaste commercials.

One of the previous studies has already showed that erectile dysfunction is quite widespread among men with periodontitis. To confirm and clarify the results of it researchers of China’s Liuzhou Medical College conducted a new survey. They found that male rats with a gum infection were losing the eNOS enzyme, important for an ability to maintain a longer erection. Thus, the periodontitis diseases turned to affect male sexuality not only because of bad breath.

Is ordinary tube with toothpaste more effective than miracle erectile dysfunction drugs advertised on TV and radio? To answer this question we should thoroughly examine if there is any correlation between oral and penile health.

What do experts say?

Periodontitis actually is just one of the widespread inflammatory diseases, which might marker common health problems, connected with a penile dysfunction. So, both oral and sexual disorders are just symptoms. Initial reasons of these diseases, due to Donald S. Clem, the American Academy of Periodontology president, may include heart disorders, diabetes, and nutritional deficiencies and so on.

Other experts consider that results of research are not indisputable and some more surveys should be conducted to confirm the hypothesis of Chinese researchers. «To find out how penis function is affected by periodontal diseases we should discover inflammatory issues more», says Leonard G. Gomella, professor of the University of Thomas Jefferson, the Urology Department chairman.

Of course, regular monitoring and early oral cavity treatment is no worse choice for impotence prevention, than self-treatment. Oral health is a priceless resource. So don’t be stingy and visit your dentist more than twice a year.

Unexpected effects of Green tea

While doctors discuss the reasons of erectile dysfunction and its better medication, some other surveys show that natural treatment has real effect. As for bad breath, actually, there is an effective nature way to freshen and disinfect an oral cavity. Researchers from the University of British Columbia found that green tea helps to kill the bacilli and eliminates VSC (the volatile sulfur compounds) inside our mouth. In opposite, mints and gums increase the VSCs level (the main reason of bad breath). Additionally green tea has a lot of useful components for strengthening the overall condition of the body. So, if there is a summer, remember, that even the bottled iced green tea should act effectively, because of the nature antioxidant component called catechin.

Updated: 05/18/2019