How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra and CialisNowadays specialists are sure that in many cases erectile dysfunction is caused by somatic (non-psychological) reasons. It means that loss of sexual power is a circumstance of some disease or disorder in the organism, like obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes, hormonal failure, prostate gland problems or cardiovascular inefficiency. More information about causes of impotence is available on

All methods of erectile dysfunction treatment are divided into conservative and operative.

Conservative methods of impotence treatment:

  • Medicament therapy. Until recently the main medication for impotence treatment was Yohimbine, but its effectiveness was just 10%. A necessity of taking this drug for a long time (up to a year), a great amount of side-effects made prove this medication useless. Modern impotence-fighting products are Viagra and Cialis, which are often prescribed by specialists. These preparations have obvious efficiency (90%) with minimal amount of complications and can be taken even by men over 75.
  • Intracavernous injections of vasoactive preparations. The core of this method is microinjections of vasoactive substances directly in a penis before a genital intercourse. This approach is considered the best among all conservative methods of impotence treatment.
  • Vacuum constriction therapy. The essence of this solution is creation of negative pressure in penile cavernous bodies with the help of a vacuum cylinder and pump, which causes powerful blood flow and erection and maintained with a special compressing ring that restricts venous drainage. This approach gives an opportunity to make love for 30 minutes.
  • Testosterone gel is applied on a forearm, shoulder or stomach bottom. Quickly absorbing, this medication improves the natural hormones production; moreover, this preparation enhances muscles and boosts fat burning.

Operative methods of erectile dysfunction treatment are not often used due to high effectiveness of medical therapy. Surgical intervention is applied in exceptional cases, when conservative means do not give a positive result or have contraindications.

  • Operative treatment of impotence is fulfilled in a case of affections of penile venous obturative mechanism. Usually this practice is additional to medicamental treatment.
  • A surgery is performed in a case of insufficient penile arterial blood supply and arterial micro vascular bypassing is implemented. The method works on only young patients.
  • Penile prosthetics now is the main way of penile stiffness recovering. An implantation of prostheses is the closing stage in impotence treatment, when all the other methods did not work.

How long does it take to cure erectile dysfunction

No one can know for sure how long it takes to treat impotence, because every case is individual. The length of treatment depends upon several factors: age of a man, presence of diseases and their seriousness, heredity.

Medicamental treatment in most cases has rapid improvements after 2-3 intakes, but it is recommended to take a full course that lasts up to a month, provided sex relations are at least 2-3 times a week.

If loss of sexual power is not caused by any disease and does not have a psychological underground, a man must reconsider his way of life: get rid of addictions, escape stressful situations, take weight under control, reduce amount of fat and sweet food, and increase physical activity. If these rules are followed, potency will recover in several weeks.