8 Steps To Perfect Figure

If you decide to take right path, improve your health and body shape, then following information will become very useful and valuable. Following these tips, you will not notice how you approach goal, and your reflection in mirror will cause only pleasant emotions.

Step 1: doctor consult

Going to doctor in this matter is important, health isn`t a joke. But at the same time, this shouldn`t slow you down in studying, and most importantly – applying rules of healthy lifestyle.  

There is recommendation to pass tests, for example:

  • Thyroid gland (TSH, T3, T4, ATPO).
  • Pancreas.
  • Check cortisol.

It sounds difficult, but in fact there is nothing like that, many answers lie precisely in our body, it must be checked and studied. Although it`s worth noting that excess weight is consequence of unhealthy lifestyle, and no disease. They also arise due to lack of conscious approach to themselves. Less than 10% of people gain weight due to genetics.

Step 2: Psychology

Be honest with yourself. Answer few questions. Why did you decide to lose weight (for what) – is it aesthetic question or reason for your health? For whom do you want to lose weight – for yourself or for others? Why did you gain weight: unhealthy diet, little movement or stress? It has long been known that in stressful situations, people use food as distraction or solace. Much tied to psychology.

By answering all above questions, you will find right solution. It`s necessary to find complete harmony with yourself and world around you. Love yourself, your body. To find harmony, but this is separate topic.

Step 3: Awareness of style and lifestyle  

Healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition should be for you conscious choice, and not an attempt to be in fashion. If this is lifestyle, then about any diets and breakdowns are out of question. It`s up to you to decide which products to eat and which ones to refuse.

Only you decide to feel light or fall asleep with weight in stomach. This is your choice. And, separately, I note that this is primarily self-care, not only internal, but also external. Massages, wraps, scrubs. Double hit on target in apple!

4 step: conscious nutrition and sport

Forget word “diet“. Lifestyle and lifestyle is for you. There is no rigid framework, that it`s impossible to eat sweet, flour, salty, fried. It`s possible, but everything in moderation. We don`t need breakdowns, where at 2 am you go to refrigerator. We don`t need bad mood, because I want to eat some sweets, but not. There is only such rule – diversity, moderation and informed choice.  

In general, to keep yourself in good shape, remember more about physical activity, not only in training, but throughout day. Take your time, good results don’t come in day.

Step 5: Timing of Eating and Sleeping

Are you lark or maybe owl? Actually, it doesn’t matter. Main thing is to distribute your day in such way, by hour, so that you eat not 1-2 times day and in large portions, but 3-4, arranging small snacks and thereby reducing main meals in portions. Be sure to eat food slowly, enjoying every bite! Realization that you are fed up comes in 20-30 minutes, so rule to leave table is to work a little hungry.  

It`s important to get enough sleep. If person doesn`t get enough, then he feels overwhelmed, resulting in stress, excess food intake, extra pounds.

Step 6: fluid intake  

Drink 2 liters of water per day. Drink as much as your body requires. Because this is all very individual, forget this stereotype. But it’s good to make habit – drink water (you can with slice of lemon) as soon as you wake up and go into shower so that body wakes up.

Step 7: positive attitude and integrated approach

Think about achieving goal that is worth it to follow all steps to perfect figure. Believe in yourself. You will succeed.

Although let’s think about what is ideal? You shouldn`t have it. It`s important not how many pounds you weigh, but how you feel in your body. More meaningful is to be healthy and comfortable in your body.

Universe will help you, it always gives what you need at this stage of life. This is help, idea, test. Even trial and error method is always good and not reason to give up.

Step 8: start keeping personal diary

Diary is your motive, he is true friend. With which you share experiences, achievements, goals, new tasks. Write down your diet, so you can quickly understand yourself, your body, its needs and set timing of life. Visually in letter you will notice what mistakes you can make, and also for what it`s worth praising yourself.

Only effort can achieve results. Remember this and watch yourself every day. Then diets wouldn`t be needed, and you will look young.