6 Core Exercises To Seriously Increase All Muscle Groups

Male arms

We have selected the most effective exercises for building muscle mass, which can stimulate muscle hypertrophy and accelerate growth for men, but they can also be performed by girls. You can use them to compose your training set or take specific set of exercises to maximize benefits of each available device to increase intensity and productivity of each workout. You probably think how to achieve good results with such limited arsenal of movements?

Six strength exercises that we recommend load each major body part, while requiring considerable support from auxiliary muscle groups.

Barbell Squats

This is trump basic exercise that allows you to increase total body volume, unlike any other exercise. In addition, you can change setting of legs to work out different muscles of legs. For example, narrow setting of legs (shoulder width) accentuates lateral broad muscle of thigh and external lateral surface of thighs, while wide setting puts more emphasis on gluteal and adductor muscles of inner thigh. No matter how you put your legs, squats use stabilizer muscles, as well as activate core.

One leg platform press

Squats with barbell is the most productive exercise for legs, but leg press isn`t inferior to anything. You can change pace in this exercise, for example, move up and down for 2 seconds, stopping for 1 second at lower point of amplitude. If you have spotter, you can do dropset: One of favorite ways to build muscle on legs in bench press is to do combined sets – 10 times with each leg, and then 20 times with both.

Wide grip pull-ups

First of all, pull-ups load broadest muscles, but they also work on shoulders, biceps and develop core stability. This exercise gives you muscle growth throughout body and relief, which is difficult to achieve with other exercises.

Inclined rod pull

Inclined thrust is key to pumping trapezoid and mid back. It thickens muscles along entire length of spine, and allows you to give body a 3D look. I do traction on slope all the time. This is one of main exercises. If you have no problems with lower back, we advise you to take heavier weight and start with 5 sets of 5-8 reps, and then follow pyramid principle, increasing weight to maximum that you can withstand in last set. Usually it pulls 184-215 kg.

Bench press lying on inclined bench

Bench press on inclined bench affects upper part of pectoral muscles, without which you can`t get impressive upper body. In this exercise, also presses a lot: in 5 sets of 5 repetitions.

Seated bench press

Like a bench press on inclined bench, sitting bench will make your upper body more powerful and larger so that it can be seen under a T-shirt. This bench press emphasizes front and middle bundles of deltas, and also synergistically connects chest and triceps. Ability to squeeze weight up is fundamental component of strength.

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